RemitRix Edge

RemitRix Financial Risk Management Module

  • Interactive drill down dashboards make it easier to build and maintain full modular risk reports, and share with your peers
  • Cloud hosting guarantee data security, speed, sustainability and agility
  • Tailor-made personalized and adjusted to the specific user preferences
  • On demand technical support


  • Enhanced drill down graphical dashboard
  • Create interactive live presentations to your audience
  • Share your reports with your teammates

Drill down charts

  • Chart query wizard quickly builds and visualize any report
  • Drill down to asset level
  • Compare through historical portfolios

Flexible and agile user experience

  • Sort and filter your data just like in Excel 
  • Visualize any report easily and pin to your dashboard
  • Filter data with multiple segments
  • Data tables  internal filter help you quickly find what youy are looking for

ALM reports

  • Balance sheet
  • Fair Value
  • Duration/IRR
  • Cash flows

ESG and VaR

  • Economic Scenario Generator based on for yield curves, spreads, currencies, stocks, and indices
  • Historical, parametric and Monte Carlo stress scenarios
  • Value at Risk; Historical or parametric


  • Full and controlled  calculation of Solvency II standard model
  • Bottom up calculations of SCRs (Solvency Capital Requirement) for Equity (separation of SA), Spread, Interest rates including liabilities effect, Currency, Property, and Concentration
  • Automatically determines assets solvency avenues and enables manual updating
  • Full control of Solvency parameters including yield curves and correlation matrices
  • Apply financial scenarios to reevaluate impact on SCR
  • Tools for assessing the excess yield in relation to a capital requirement in respect of the addition of a single asset to the portfolio
  • Automatic reporting is available under full package (including Horizon) : QRT filing with main calculations file and Helper Tabs

Market data

  • Market data screener
  • Visualizes market data through comparison graphs
  • Download to Excel
  • Historical data of over 15,000 risk factors: Stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, ETFs, indices, funds, interest rates, and spreads

Live support

  • Issue technical tickets to our support team
  • On demand
  • Web based support index


  • Embedded accountant auditing procedures
  • Automatic input fault detection and adjustments
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