RemitRix Horizon

RemitRix Actuarial Risk Management Module


  • Manage risk like a pro!
  • Intuitive
  • Personalized
  • Share your reports with your teammates
  • Present live interactive reports

Life products

  • Value in Force by scenarios and by components
  • Profit and loss by scenarios and by components
  • Reserves development 
  • Incomes breakdown by premiums and reinsurance components
  • Expenses breakdown by payments, commissions components
  • Capital projection simulator

Non Life products

  • SCR calculation per each Line of Business 
  • Non-Life and NSLT Health breakdown
  • CAT, Lapse, Premium and reserve SCR

Regulation reporting

  • Balance sheet bottom up construction
  • Solvency and Helper tabs automated fill
  • SFCR main reporting file

Audit and log

  • Solvency comparison over time
  • Setup of individual assets
  • Log report to track portfolio updates 

Flexible and agile front end

  • Multi level filters
  • Automated notifications 
  • Drill down report


  • Control parameters of Standard model
  • Compare portfolios before and after model change

Online support

  • Online tickets based support service
  • Community knowledge center to enrich your profession
  • Live chat

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