RemitRix Edge

RemitRix Financial Risk Management Module

Agile dashboards: Short learning curve
Speed: Up to 10 times faster than existing systems (web-based on Amazon servers)
Data security: Complies with regulator provisions
Intuitive: Built on cumulative experience of dozens of years of users (risk managers and actuaries)
Personalized: Adjusted to user preferences
Technical support: Online support site


  • Manage risk like a pro!
  • Intuitive
  • Personalized


  • Powerful Python based solvers
  • Optimize your portfolio based on Sharpe ratio, Solvency ratio, and more
  • Set dozens of constraints based on investment policy


  • Calculations comply with standard model of Solvency II
  • Scenarios and optimization tools
  • Drill down Solvency reports by segments (investment avenues, sectors, rating groups, and more)
  • Assets liabilities management
  • Control panel to set Solvency parameters (internal/partial models)
  • Reporting tools, seamlessly integrated with Excel templates

Economic scenarios generator

  • Historical or parametric based scenarios
  • Over 15,000 risk factors: Stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, ETFs, indices, funds, interest rates, and spreads
  • Monte Carlo simulator

Risk management reports

  • Duration/IRR reports
  • VaR (Value at Risk) reports
  • Fair Value reports

Flexible and agile front end

  • Multi level filters
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Drill down reports
  • Multi item graphs

Market data

  • Market data screener
  • Visualizes market data through comparison graphs
  • Download to Excel
  • Historical data of over 15,000 risk factors: Stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, ETFs, indices, funds, interest rates, and spreads

Online support

  • Issue technical tickets to our support team
  • On demand
  • Web based support index


  • Create comprehensive interactive reports
  • All internal reports can be visualized through dashboard and published through presentation
  • Drill down graphical interface
  • Adjust graph types, segment types
  • Compare multiple items across and multiple dates

Multi level screen and search tools

  • Filter assets by investment avenues, solvency avenues, ratings, duration groups, currencies, issues, borrowers, countries, portfolios, and user defined
  • Quick search tools include search by range, sorting, and text filtering


  • Embedded accountant auditing procedures
  • Automatic input fault detection and adjustments
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