Advanced Risk Management Solutions

RemitRix value proposition
  • Visualized user friendly platform through modular, drill down dashboard
  • Capital projection
  • Integrates assets and liabilities
  • Works at a policy component level
  • Handles life and general insurance in similar ways
  • Allows API integration with your current platforms
  • Web / cloud based
  • Can work in parallel and on top of current systems like Prophet / Moses

RemitRix Edge

Financial module

  • Solvency II  standard / internal model
  • Economic scenarios engine
  • VaR
  • Optimization tools
  • Technical online support
  • Fully customized dashboards
  • Cloud implementation

RemitRix ModuLearn

Machine Learning module

  • Tailor made Machine Learning models
  • Actuarial management tool for premiums and reserves estimation 
  • Solvency II and Capital structuring
  • Data scientist support
  • Cloud implementation


RemitRix Horizon

Actuarial module

  • Actuarial reserve modeling
  • Solvency II bottom up calculations 
  • Standard / Partial / Internal models
  • Balance sheet management
  • Technical online support
  • Cloud implementation


RemitRix AccountX

Accounting Module

  • Grouping of contracts
  • Identification of onerous contracts
  • BBA, PPA and VFA models
  • Risk Adjustments (COC, VAR, and CTE)
  • Discounting (Top-Down and Bottom-Up)
  • CSM allocation capabilities

Remitrix System Architecture

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