Broaden your actuarial horizons with Horizon

Horizon is a time-saving, process-improving actuarial modeling tool powered by targeted machine learning models. Horizon automates balance sheet construction and capital projection. It works at a policy component level. Hosted on the cloud, Horizon is secure and requires zero upkeep. What’s more, Horizon is seamlessly integrable with Edge.

Horizon for Life products

Stochastic and machine learning-generated modeling that calculates value in force, profit, loss, and reserves development by scenarios and by components. Breaks income down by premiums and reinsurance components; and expenses by payments and commissions components.

Horizon for non-life products

Calculates SCR per each line of business. Breaks down non-life and NSLT health; CAT, lapse, Premium and reserve SCR.

Audit and log

Offers solvency comparison over time. Allows setup of individual assets, and a report log to track portfolio updates.

Actuaries and Solvency

As industry veterans, we’ve heard it many times – actuaries were the first data scientists and insurance companies were the first data companies. Horizon transforms today’s insurers’ “so much data, so little time” dilemma into a “solid insights in no time” success story. It helps generate Solvency II-compliant actuarial modeling at the click of a button. 

Regulation Reporting

With bottom-up balance sheet construction, Horizon automatedly fills Solvency and Hepler tabs and generates the SFCR main reporting file for utmost convenience.


Benefit from intuitive, personalized dashboards with multi-level filters, automated notifications, and drill down reports. Present live interactive reports to an audience, and share your reports with select teammates.

Online Support 

The on-demand technical support is offered through an easy-to-use web-based ticketing system.

RemitRix Actuarial Risk Management Module


  • Manage risk like a pro!
  • Intuitive
  • Personalized
  • Share your reports with your teammates
  • Present live interactive reports

Life products

  • Value in Force by scenarios and by components
  • Profit and loss by scenarios and by components
  • Reserves development
  • Incomes breakdown by premiums and reinsurance components
  • Expenses breakdown by payments, commissions components
  • Capital projection simulator

Non Life products

  • SCR calculation per each Line of Business
  • Non-Life and NSLT Health breakdown
  • CAT, Lapse, Premium and reserve SCR

Regulation reporting

  • Balance sheet bottom up construction
  • Solvency and Helper tabs automated fill
  • SFCR main reporting file

Audit and log

  • Solvency comparison over time
  • Setup of individual assets
  • Log report to track portfolio updates

Flexible and agile front end

  • Multi level filters
  • Automated notifications
  • Drill down report


  • Control parameters of Standard model
  • Compare portfolios before and after model change

Online support

  • Online tickets based support service
  • Community knowledge center to enrich your profession
  • Live chat

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