Agile and user-friendly financial risk management module that delivers custom risk reports

Time-saving actuarial risk modeling module that delivers regulation-compliant reports

Complete profit and loss statement preparation tool for an improved accounting policy


Product benefits

  • Visualized user-friendly platform with a modular, drill-down dashboard
  • Automated modeling, risk analysis, and projections
  • Custom reports are generated with the click of a button
  • Handles life and general insurance in similar ways

Technology benefits

  • Zero-maintenance, zero-hassle cloud SaaS solution
  • Allows API integration with your current platforms
  • Can work in parallel and on top of current systems like Prophet / Moses
  • Something about improving data terminology – ML

Regulatory benefits

    • Compliance with Solvency II and IFRS 17 regulations
    • Capital projection
    • Integrates assets and liabilities
    • Works at a policy component level

    Outcome benefits

    • A higher degree of freedom in setting present and future asset allocation and risk policy
    • Saving time and resources
    • Improved business processes and profitability
    • Better decisions made with more confidence

    “With the support of Remitrix solution, the workflow for Solvency and Risk Management reporting has

    reduced from weeks to days. The capital projection has been refined both on the actuarial and financial

    side due to inaccuracies that have been discovered with the manual models which were used so far.”

    Zvi Leibushor

    CEO of Shirbit

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