RemitRix helps
Actuaries, CFOs and Risk Managers
at insurance companies
to manage and predict capital and risk capital
and to optimize balance sheet
by utilizing advanced Machine Learning models

Advanced technological Solutions for Solvency and IFRS17

RemitRix makes predictions of capital and risk capital (Solvency) that are compliant, efficient, and accurate.
Our SaaS cloud based platform provides holistic tool for risk management to boost profitability for insurance companies under Solvency and IFRS 17 regulations.
We offer Machine Learning solutions to allow portfolio managers to balance risk against performance, risk managers to better manage their risk map and actuaries to improve their internal models and to optimise solvency capital requirement.
'Actuaries were the first data scientists. Insurance companies were the first data companies.
As every industry becomes a data industry and hires data scientists, insurance and actuaries should be leading the way’!

Improved performance

We harness power of advanced Machine Learning techniques
to optimise and automate the actuarial work

Insight driven decisions

Improved and agile decision process leaned on SaaS cloud benefits


Avoid use of multiple solutions which do not interact together.
Our tool is all you need in one place

Tailor made solution

Enjoy small and agile team approach in oppose to large and inefficient integrators
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